Adult Dependent Visa

Adult Dependent Visa

Adult Dependent Visa
Adult Dependent Visa

Adult Dependent Visa

The Adult Dependent Visa allows the parent/grandparent, adult child/sibling of a person with settled status or British Citizen to enter the UK. However, permission to enter and live in the UK is granted only in exceptional circumstances.

For instance, when a person needs long-term care and only the UK relative can offer it, the person is considered to be eligible for the Adult Dependent Visa. If approved, this visa permits an applicant to enter the UK.

Such a person can start living with the family for an unlimited period. It is also possible to apply for this visa if the relative of a person is living in the UK under humanitarian protection or has refugee status.


Eligibility Requirement

To qualify for this visa, it is essential to meet the following eligibility requirements:

·         An individual can apply for if he/she has the following relationship with the UK relative:

-          A parent aged 18 years/over

-          Grandparent, brother/sister having 18 years of age or above

-          Son or daughter having 18 years of age or above

·         The UK relative should be a British citizen or have settled status in the UK (a person under humanitarian protection or having a refugee status can also exercise this right)

·         The applicant should be unable to perform routine tasks due to illness, disability, or age and require long-term care.

·         It is not possible for the UK relative to offer the desired level of care to the applicant within his/her country of residence. In some cases, the applicant needs special medical treatment or care that is not available in the country where he/she is currently residing.

·         It would be appropriate for the applicant to be accommodated, maintained, and cared for within the UK. The UK relative and other family members can meet all the living and medical expenses of the applicant/adult dependent without claiming public funds.


Essential Aspects to Consider

You can apply for the Adult Dependent Visa when outside the UK. Moreover, switching to this visa isn’t allowed if the applicant is currently living within the UK on another visa.

Although the applicant needs a high level of care and medical assistance, proving that such applicant can’t get the required care within his/her country of origin is difficult. This is why you should consider taking help from qualified and seasoned immigration layers.


Duration of Stay

The duration of your stay in the UK depends on the status held by your UK relative.

·         If the UK relative is a British/Irish citizen or holds a settled status, you can stay in the UK for an unlimited period. There is no need to apply for an extension or settled status.

·         In case your UK relative holds a pre-settled status, you can stay in the UK as long as your family member does. However, the family member must have started living in the UK prior to 1 January 2021. Moreover, you need to apply for an extension when your family member is required to do so.

·         When your UK relative is living in the UK under a refugee or humanitarian status, you can stay there as long as your family member is permitted to live in the UK.


How we can Help?

Normally, it isn’t easy to obtain an Adult Dependent Visa. It requires solid evidence to prove that the applicant is unable to get an adequate amount of care within his/her country.

However, through our years of experience in the relevant field of UK visa and immigration, the chances of approval are always bright.

Our dedicated immigration solicitors will assist you to collect the required evidence to meet the eligibility criteria for the Adult Dependent Visa.

The fate of almost every visa application relies on the submission of relevant evidence. Hence, we make sure that you provide sufficient documents with the application to prove your eligibility.

For initial assessment or additional queries, feel free to contact us today!




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