Fiancee Visa

Fiancee Visa

Fiancee Visa
Fiancee Visa

Fiancee Visa

The ‘Fiancée Visa allows you to join your fiancée in the UK and get married there and then switch to a spouse visa without leaving the country. It is a six months visa that allows you to travel to the UK and then make arrangements for your marriage with the help of your sponsor who is your fiancée as well. The day you get married then you need to apply to switch to the spouse visa category within the UK.

  1. - You and your fiancée must be a minimum of 18 years old.
  2. - You and your fiancée must have met each other.
  3. - You and your fiancée intend to live together on a permanent basis.
  4. - You are not allowed to work on a fiancée visa.


Financial Requirement

The British national must be earning a minimum of £18,600 per annum OR alternatively, you have £62,500 in savings for the last 6 months OR the British national is claiming PIPS or Carer allowance then it's different calculations.


 Accommodation Requirement

You must show sufficient accommodation for the both of you to reside in the UK. We have to do a housing inspection report which is a mandatory requirement.


  Genuine Relationship

This requirement seems straightforward, however, in reality, it is the most sensitive requirement as we shall have to provide sufficient documentation and substantiate in our legal representations how you both satisfy this requirement.


English language requirement:

you need to show that you can understand and speak English and you must meet the English language requirements if:

If you are not a national of majority English speaking country and don’t have a degree of English language then you have to pass an English language test from the approved test provider.


How we can help you?

We at Immigration solicitors, make sure that your chances at getting a Spouse visa are high and for that, we will assign you our solicitor who assesses your eligibility and does detailed consultations to confirm that and then advises you on the list of documents required for your visa. We prepare the application and a detailed cover letter with our legal representations for your application.

  • We make sure that your documents are complete for the application
  • We will make sure that you have enough proof to show that the relationship with your spouse is genuine
  • We help you prepare the Letter of Representation in which the details of your case and its merits will be listed
  • We will be liaising with the Home Office as your representative
  • We will complete every part of your application with full attention and care

You can contact us on our official website or can call us on 0307 5898582 to get the best services for spouse visas.

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